Tư thế sáu chín

Anal beads are a set of balls, joined together securely, that are inserted into the anus. Often they start small and go larger along the length of the string, making them easier to introduce to the body. A great first anal sex toy, the widening balls feel incredible for both men and women during sex or masturbation. A popular technique is pulling the anal beads out at the point of climax.

Anal Dildo

An anal dildo is designed to stimulate the anus and as such differs from a standard dildo. Anal dildos are often slimmer in girth and are shaped in order to make them more stimulating for their intended area of use – especially when it comes to targetting a man’s prostate gland. Often, anal dildos will have a flared base for added safety.

Anal Douche

An anal douche consists of a bulb that is filled with water and a nozzle that is inserted into the anus. An anal douche allows you to safely introduce warm water into the rectum, helping to prepare yourself and your partner for clean anal play. An anal douche is a must-have hygiene accessory for those interested in anal play.

Anal Vibrator

An anal vibrator is designed to give strong, deep vibrations. Unlike standard vibrators, anal vibrators are usually tapered for easier insertion and often have a stronger motor to ensure the vibrations travel well through the strong muscles of the sphincter and rectum. Anal vibrators often feature a flared base or finger loop so they are extra safe and easy to control.

Arab Strap

An arab strap is a type of bondage cock ring that includes a strap or tether that can be pulled upon or used as a leash. Designed to emulate harnesses used on mating stallions to instill control, arab straps are usually made from leather with either metal or rubber cock rings. They work in the same way as a cock ring – restricting blood flow and increasing male virility during wear.